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ProTracker Advantage Desktop provides the full-featured, easy-to-use Client Relationship Management solution that you have been seeking. It is the relationship and practice management solution for busy professionals.

ProTracker Advantage

is a client-centered contact and practice management system specifically designed by and for financial planning and investment management professionals.

ProTracker Advantage® is available with either a Microsoft Access or a Microsoft SQL Server database engine. The graphical user interface (the screens) is identical in both versions.

ProTracker Advantage - Microsoft Access Version

  • Uses a Microsoft Access database
  • Is ideal for single user or small firms with up to 5 concurrent users
  • Is the best choice for a peer-to-peer network or a single workstation installation

ProTracker Advantage - Microsoft SQL Version

  • Uses a Microsoft SQL Server database
  • Is ideal for mid-sized to large firms with 6 or more concurrent users
  • Improved performance and reliability for mid-sized to large firms
  • Is the best choice for firms with server-based networks

If the choice isn't clear, ask for our guidance in determining the version of Advantage that is best for your business.

The cost is the same for both versions of ProTracker Advantage.

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