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ProTracker Cloud provides a web-based, easy-to-access relationship management tool that busy professionals can use from anywhere.

ProTracker Cloud™

ProTracker Cloud increases efficiency and improves profitability through intuitive design and fast response.



Each employee has a unique login that may not be shared with other employees. An employee's email address is used as the user name for  the employee login. Before purchase, select the edition according to the features needed for each employee. Within a firm, an employee may be assigned a different edition than another employee. For example, in a 10-person firm, there may be 5 Standard Edition users, 4 Professional Edition users and 1 Enterprise Edition user.

Features Standard Professional Enterprise
Two-factor authentication (REQUIRED) Yes Yes Yes
Teams and Roles for access control   Yes Yes
Auditing     Yes
Sales and Marketing
Leads (with Scoring, Routing & Assignment) Yes Yes Yes
Opportunities (including Sales Stages) Yes Yes Yes
Contract Management Yes Yes Yes
Sales Teams   Yes Yes
Sales Forecasting   Yes Yes
Campaigns   Yes Yes
Commission Tracking   Yes Yes
Sales Metrics     Yes
Customizable Sales Processes     Yes
Client Management
Calls, Meetings, Notes, Reviews Yes Yes Yes
Accounts Yes Yes Yes
Net Worth, Current and Historical Yes Yes Yes
Goals and Objectives   Yes Yes
Estate Planning   Yes Yes
Insurance   Yes Yes
Investment Policy Tracking   Yes Yes
Retirement Planning   Yes Yes
Taxes   Yes Yes
Practice Management
Contacts, Clients and Groups Yes Yes Yes
Activity Tracking & History Yes Yes Yes
Calls, Meetings, Notes Yes Yes Yes
Document Management Yes Yes Yes
Billing - Proposals, Invoices & Payments   Yes Yes
Client Scoring     Yes
Suitability   Yes Yes
Regulatory Reports   Yes Yes
Customizable Dashboards Yes Yes Yes
Shared Calendars Yes Yes Yes
Projects, Workflows and Department Tasks Yes Yes Yes
Reminders and Alerts Yes Yes Yes
Team Notices Yes Yes Yes
Access from almost anywhere Yes Yes Yes
Mobile phone access (iPhone, Android) additional $10/mo/user $10/mo/user $10/mo/user
Outlook Email, Calendar, Contact Integration Yes Yes Yes
Google Sync (Contacts, Email, Calendar, Docs) $5/mo/user $5/mo/user $5/mo/user
Hosting, Backup and Storage
Hosted by Amazon Web Services (Virginia) Yes Yes Yes
Redundant Host Backup (California) Yes Yes Yes
Automatic Data Backup with Offsite Storage Yes Yes Yes
Storage (aggregated across company) 5 GB / user 10 GB / user 20 GB / user
Additional Data Storage $10 for each additional 10 GB / month
Standard Reports Yes Yes Yes
Customizable Reporting Yes Yes Yes
Knowledge Base (Online Help) Yes Yes Yes
Phone Support Yes Yes Yes
Email Support Yes Yes Yes
Video Tutorials Yes Yes Yes
Training Course Yes Yes Yes
Google Apps Yes Yes Yes
Email Integration (Outlook, Gmail, others) Yes Yes Yes
Email Archiving Yes Yes Yes
Microsoft Office and Office 365 Yes Yes Yes
Data Import and Export Yes Yes Yes





ProTracker Cloud

Web-based client management for mobile professionals.


ProTracker Cloud 

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