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ProTracker Cloud provides a client relationship management tool for busy professional offices anywhere in the world.

ProTracker Cloud™

ProTracker Cloud increases efficiency and improves profitability through intuitive design and fast response.

ProTracker Cloud comprises world-class offsite secure hosting of ProTracker Advantage that is accessible from any Internet access point. Email and documents are stored on the same platform so that ProTracker Advantage has the same email archiving, document management, and automatic synchronization with your smartphone.

Microsoft Office 365 is usually provided as a standard component of a hosted site. Other customer applications, such as portfolio management software and form-filling software, should also be hosted at the same location to support tight integration with ProTracker Advantage. With all your software in one place, mail merges are easily accomplished. The ultimate benefit of a hosted office site is the elimination of office servers and the associated ongoing in-house information technology (IT) costs. 


ProTracker Cloud

 A web-hosted client management for mobile professionals.

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