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We recommend that before and during the conversion process, you become familiar with the product you are purchasing.

For ProTracker Web, please contact us to ask about viewing a demo.

For ProTracker Advantage® start by viewing our recorded Guided Tour and reading the Getting Started Guide.

  1. ProTracker Software (we) sends the customer (you) a conversion questionnaire.
  2. When you return the questionnaire to us, your answers will help us to give you a rough estimate of how much the conversion will cost.
  3. We tentatively schedule the conversion for a date that is mutually agreeable.
  4. We provide a Confidentiality Statement.
  5. You send us a copy of your data so that we may perform a test conversion. We will ask you questions about the data to determine how best to import it into our software. During this process, you can continue using your former software.
  6. After the test conversion, we will send you a Data Conversion Agreement. After you sign and return the agreement, we will set a final conversion date.
  7. On the agreed upon conversion date, you send us a final copy of your data. Note: you should stop entering data into your former software at this time, as further changes will not be converted into our software database.
  8. We convert the data to the maximum extent possible. We schedule three business days for this process, but it can take more or less time.
  9. When the conversion is completed, we will deliver and/or set up the converted database - and our invoice for the agreed upon cost of the conversion.
  10. You will review the new data within two business days to verify that the conversion is complete and accurate. We will work with you to resolve any missing or incorrectly converted data.
  11. We send you a Data Conversion Acceptance letter to be signed and returned.
  12. You perform any necessary post-conversion data cleanup. We do our best to convert your data to our product, but there are always inconsistencies between systems that show up in conversion. For instance, if data was entered in the wrong place in the old system or doesn’t have an exactly matching location in our product, it will probably appear in the wrong place in the new database. These inconsistencies will need manual cleanup by you to resolve.
  13. Once you have accepted the database as delivered, we will permanently delete all copies of your data, in all formats, in our possession.


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