Solutions for Busy Professionals

Efficient training solutions

Our commitment is to help you use ProTracker Advantage® effectively and thoroughly, whether you are evaluating the product, just starting to use it or are a seasoned user who wants to become more productive.

If You Are:

Evaluating Advantage

If you are considering purchasing ProTracker Advantage and wish to evaluate its many features, we suggest that you:

  • View the Recorded Guided Tour to see our product's features in action
  • See how our new AutoSync features will make you more mobile and productive
  • Download a demo and play with the product using our sample database
  • Schedule a webcast with a practicing financial advisor to see the product and to get your practice management questions answered
  • Dig deeper with Recorded Tutorials on topics of special interest to your firm

A New Customer or New Employee

If you are new to ProTracker Advantage:

  • View the Recorded Guided Tour to quickly familiarize yourself with the tool
  • Participate in a customized, complimentary training webcast for all of your firm's employees
  • Use our Training Course to guide you through the many Advantage features. This 78-page, self-study course is built into ProTracker Advantage
  • Check out our Recorded Tutorials on topics of special interest to you, such as creating projects to track time and billing, developing a customized financial plan from your own boilerplate advice database, or ad hoc reporting
  • Drop in on the Advantage User Group web cast to discuss and resolve practice management issues

A Veteran User

Even if you've been using ProTracker Advantage for years, you probably aren't making use of all of its features. Perhaps you'd like to begin a marketing campaign, send an email blast, or track time that you spend on each client. If so:

  • Our Recorded Tutorials offer recorded presentations on a wide range of topics
  • See our new AutoSync features for syncing and email archiving
  • The Advantage User Group meets regularly to explore different features of the product, based on user interest


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