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  • What's New in Advantage Version 7

What's New in Advantage Version 7

As you open ProTracker Advantage Version 7, you will notice that the Calendar system has been upgraded significantly.

Calls: A telephone Calls feature was added, which permeates throughout Advantage. See the Toolbar button or the Calls icon in many places in Advantage.

List Views were enhanced:

Password protection and user permissions:

Themes: Three color themes are available for users: a Version 6 Theme, a Version 7 Theme, and a Custom Theme.
The settings in the Custom theme are unique to the user and are remembered for the future. See Tools > Options > Themes tab.

Multiple activity windows may be open open simultaneously to help users react to daily interruptions. For example, if you are in a Task dialog, you can minimize the Task dialog box and click on Add an Appointment. After setting the Appointment and closing the Appointment dialog box, you can return to entering the Task. See Operations > Database Admin > Application Preferences > Misc tab.

Exceptions: A number of screens, list views and reports were enhanced to help the advisor determine where Client elements appear to be incomplete. This feature will encourage the advisor to obtain complete information about each Client. See Operations > Exceptions.

Home screen tabs: Any of the Home screen tabs may be moved to the left-most position. When another tab is moved the left-most position, the previous left-most tab returns to its default position. See Home > Options  > System > User Interface panel.

On some screens, the horizontal divider line between the top half of the screen and the bottom half of the screen can now be moved up and down.

The width of the Left Frame panel (Assistant, Reports, Recent) is now adjustable. To make an adjustment, slowly move the mouse over the vertical area between the left panel and the main work area to grab the horizontal double arrow cursor.
The left panel now presents a scroll bar when the list is too long for the screen.
Chevrons ( and ) replace the maximize/minimize buttons used in the previous version.

The tab labels on Custom Tabs may now be modified by the users. The customized tab labels affect all users in the firm, i.e., changing a tab label is a "global" change across the whole company.

The menu system code throughout Advantage was replaced. There does not appear to be any difference, but Advantage is no longer affected by the computer operating system or the version of MS Office that you are running. This will eliminate customer frustrations when future operating system versions and MS Office versions are released.

Social Security: A new checkbox called "Claiming Benefits" was added to the Social Security Benefits dialog box. See Client > Life Planning > Social Security.
A global list view of all Client Social Security records is located at Operations > Life Planning > Social Security.
A Social Security Benefits report has been added. See Reports > Report List >  Retirement (Category) > Social Security Benefits (Report). In order for the report to be useful, individual social security benefit information must be entered into ProTracker. Once records are created, the Social Security Benefits report can identify those Clients for whom a social security discussion would be beneficial.
In the dialog box below, a first pass at assessing Client social security benefits would be to enter Year End Age between 61 and 71, with a Claiming Benefits selection of No. The report will show which clients are not yet collecting social security and may need help in deciding when to claim benefits.

Required Minimum Distribution Age: A new tab called Clients Aged 70.5+ was added to the Operations > Accounts > RMD area.
This will help you monitor the start of RMDs for your Clients.  The presence of a Contact being on this report tests for his/her birthday being in the first half of the year (6/30 or earlier). For inherited IRAs where the person is younger than 70-1/2, the accounts still have to be forced to the RMD Wizard by checking the Required Min. Distrib. Acct. checkbox on the Account Details screen.