Solutions for Busy Professionals


At ProTracker Software, we offer several methods for getting solutions to your questions.

Built-in Help

The best source of information for ProTracker Advantage® is the Help system. Use the Help file for answers to common questions about program usage or to learn more about the current screen. Click the Help menu and select ProTracker Advantage Help or press F1 to open a Help article relevant to the current screen.

For quick answers to common questions, search the Help Index for keyword FAQ. For the big picture on a topic, search the Help Index for keyword Overview. There are helpful practice management overviews of topics such as:

  • How to meet regulatory requirements for email and other correspondence.
  • How to manage Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) calculations.
  • How to track withdrawals for inherited assets in addition to those owned by clients.
  • How to set up group mailings.

If you’re not able to find the answer in our Help files, please submit a ticket by emailing  Add in a subject, a description of the issue, and any attachments. You’ll get an email confirmation that we received your ticket, and will be notified once we update it. 


Online Tutorials

Use our recorded tutorials to learn how to perform common tasks or to help train new users. Viewing the Recorded Guided Tour is fastest way for new users to become familiar with ProTracker Advantage. Later on, the Recorded Tutorials will assist both new and veteran users to explore the rich feature set within the program.

Email Support

Customer support is available by email from 9am to 5pm ET Monday through Friday. Generally, emailed inquiries receive a response within two working hours. Please be aware that during times of heavy volume, this initial response may be delayed. To ensure a prompt response, submit your inquiry only once and include as much detail about your question or problem as possible.

Contact support by email with questions or comments that don’t require an immediate response or to request new features. This will allow us time to research your question thoroughly and provide an accurate and timely response.

To ask a question about the desktop program: Click the Help menu and select Contact Customer Support. We prefer to receive questions by email using this menu option for the following reasons:

  The email will include an attached debug report that tells us your current version number and configuration.
  Written requests allow us time to research the problem and recommend appropriate steps.
  Operational questions can often be answered by helping you find the appropriate Help article, or links to the appropriate recorded tutorials.
  Common questions can quickly be answered.
  Answers that require lengthy telephone conversations can be scheduled at a time convenient for both of us.

To report a problem in the desktop program: Click the Help menu and select Contact Customer Support. When reporting a problem, please include as much detail about the problem as possible. The better your description, the quicker we can assist you.

  Describe the steps you took that resulted in unexpected behavior.
  Tell us what you expected to see.
  Tell us what you saw instead.
  Include screen captures or other graphics as appropriate and the exact text of any error messages if any was displayed.
  Tell us how long the problem has existed and whether there have been any recent changes to the hardware, software, or settings on the affected computer.

To request a new feature in the desktop program: Click the Help menu and select Submit an Enhancement Request. We recommend that requests for new features be submitted in writing to avoid ambiguity.

  Describe the particular feature that you would like to see.
  Include screen captures or other graphics that illustrate the suggestion, as appropriate.
  Explain why you think your feature request will be useful to you and other users.

Phone Support (all products)

Please call us if the resources above do not solve your problem, or your question requires an immediate response. Customer support by phone is available from 9am to 5pm ET Monday through Friday at 603-926-8085. We try to answer every phone call in person. However, during times of heavy volume, your call may go to voicemail. Please be patient; we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Call support if your problem or question requires an immediate response, such as loss of database connectivity, or an expired license key. When requesting support by phone, please call from the computer experiencing the problem and be prepared to assist customer support staff in troubleshooting your issue.

Support for Software or Hardware other than ProTracker
For help with error messages, system performance, non-ProTracker hardware and software issues, especially printers, networks, and system security, we recommend contacting the manufacturer of the non-ProTracker hardware or software for the fastest and most accurate answers to your questions.


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