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ProTracker Advantage Desktop provides the full-featured, easy-to-use Client Relationship Management solution that you have been seeking. It is the relationship and practice management solution for busy professionals.

ProTracker Advantage

is a client-centered contact and practice management system specifically designed by and for financial planning and investment management professionals.


Why use ProTracker Advantage for the Desktop?

Manage your Clients: Record every useful detail. Track every event in the history of your relationship--every email, letter, task, meeting, recommendation. Create printed or electronic files of the stored information. Be confident!

Manage your Practice: Set up marketing campaigns and check progress. Automate Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) calculations and track withdrawals. Modify standard workflow processes to suit your business. Monitor task completion by self and staff. Produce reports needed for regulatory compliance. Look for trends across all clients and/or prospects. Be in control!

Manage your Data: AutoSync is an add-on to ProTracker Advantage, new in 2015, that automates the synchronization process between Outlook and Advantage. Running AutoSync allows you to archive email directly from Outlook to Advantage, without manually invoking Advantage’s Archive Email process. AutoSync also allows you to sync your contacts, appointments, and other items between Advantage and Outlook automatically as they are updated in either application, making them accessible to your phone and tablet. Be current!

ProTracker Advantage:

• Helps you manage your tasks and your relationships.
• Syncs your calendar and contacts with Outlook, allowing you to sync to your phone and tablet.
• Organizes financial, life planning, and estate information for clients.
• Manages emails, scanned, and other electronic documents.
• Provides many standard reports and a custom report builder.
• Expedites communication with individuals, clients, and groups via email and printed mailings.
• Imports from portfolio management systems and accounting software.
• Calculates complex Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs).
• Allows remote access.
• Offers fast navigation and an intuitive interface.
• Provides marketing campaign management and analysis.
• Facilitates regulatory compliance.





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