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Junxure® Conversion Package

A conversion from Junxure® to ProTracker Advantage® can be completed in two weeks. There is no charge for the conversion. Here are the specific steps:

  • Contact us to explore the rich features and intuitive navigation of ProTracker Advantage (Desktop). We will conduct a live demo session at your convenience (9 - 5 Eastern) using GoToMeeting.
  • For Junxure users only, we will install a 14-day demo copy of ProTracker Advantage with demo data on one or more of your computers.
  • When you are ready to proceed with a trial conversion of your Junxure data, we will send a non-disclosure statement to protect your firm's data.
  • We will arrange to download a copy of your Junxure data for a trial conversion.
  • We will convert your Junxure data into Pro Tracker Advantage format.
  • We will upload your converted data and link it to Pro Tracker Advantage.
  • We will discuss data anomalies that we discovered, along with proposed resolutions.
  • We will conduct up to four hours of live training (two sessions of up to two hours each) via GoToMeeting.
  • After your evaluation using your own data, license fees apply.
    CLICK HERE for pricing structure.
  • After you have purchased the number of licenses needed for your firm, we will immediately arrange to download a copy of your data for the final conversion.
  • We will promptly convert your data into Pro Tracker Advantage format (less than a half day).
  • We will immediately upload your converted data and link it to Pro Tracker Advantage.
  • You will now be live on ProTracker Advantage.

After implementation, we provide customer support:

  • Via email (
  • Telephone 603-926-8085 (Weekdays 9 - 5 Eastern)
  • Online context-sensitive help (F1 key on any screen)
  • Recorded tutorials

Give us a call to explore how the Junxure Conversion Package can improve your efficiency and profitability: 603-926-8085.

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