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January 15, 2004
Beta testing begins on the new ProTracker Advantage, Version 4.0.

May 15, 2004
The new Required Minimum Distribution management capability in ProTracker Advantage Version 4.0 (beta) presented to attendees at the Financial Planning Association Annual Retreat in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The new feature was deemed to be a cutting edge solution to the increasing number of required minimum distributions that firms must now manage.

August 13, 2004
ProTracker Software released Version 4.0 of the Compliance Manual. This release was a total re-write of the prior version to include all of the recent rule changes. The manual was reorganized in a more logical fashion.

September 21, 2004
After two years of development, ProTracker Software released ProTracker Advantage for use at Mackensen & Company. Located in adjacent offices to ProTracker Software, Mackensen & Company employees began using ProTracker Advantage 4.0 on a daily basis with live client data. Company founder Warren Mackensen said, "The data conversion of Version 3.3 to Version 4.0 took only 30 minutes, and all data converted perfectly. We were very pleased with the smooth conversion and the new, intuitive user interface."

October 11, 2004
ProTracker Advantage released to select group of customers.

November 16, 2004
ProTracker Software announced its new pricing for ProTracker Advantage, Version 4.0. The first license costs $1,300 and subsequent licenses are $1,000. This license price increase is the first in three years. Annual maintenance fees remain at $300 per user per year.

December 20, 2004
ProTracker Software released Version 4.1 of the Compliance Manual. This release included many minor revisions to multiple sections as the recent rules were implemented.

December 23, 2004
ProTracker Advantage 4.0 Released!

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