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February 05, 2003
A week-long company-wide strategic planning meeting was conducted to scope out the prospective features and benefits of ProTracker Version 4.0. "It is significant that this strategic planning meeting was held in the White Mountains of New Hampshire," said company founder, Warren Mackensen. He added, "Some 59 years ago, the world economic leaders met in the White Mountains to set the Gold Standard at the Mt. Washington Hotel in nearby Bretton Woods, NH." The ProTracker strategic planning meeting essentially set the Gold Standard for Client Relationship Management (CRM) systems for the financial services industry.

June 05, 2003
The ProTracker development team met in Grand Rapids, Michigan, to create the data table structure for the next version of ProTracker. The thoughtful week-long table design effort contributed significantly to the fast speed of ProTracker Advantage, Version 4.0. Additionally, the underlying design also contributed to the solid data integrity and versatility experienced in the final ProTracker Advantage product.

September 09, 2003
Warren Mackensen spoke to the Columbus, Ohio, Chapter of the Financial Planning Association about Business Continuity Planning. Warren provided a background on his firm, Mackensen & Company, and then discussed his detailed business continuity plan. ProTracker Software provides a Business Continuity Plan template for advisors to assist them with the arduous task of preparing for disasters.

October 15, 2003
ProTracker Software exhibited at the NAPFA Northeast/Mid-Atlantic Region Conference in Philadelphia. Attendees cited the new ProTracker Advantage 4.0 (beta) graphical user interface as the most exciting new client relationship management product in the marketplace.

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