7.0 is here with new ProTracker Advantage features!

New features include:

  • Password protection on opening
  • User restrictions to hide data
  • Listviews will display faster
  • Graphical interface improvements – a cleaner, more modern display
  • Improved search
  • Multi-Line viewing


  • Drag-and-drop features
  • Same features as available in Outlook
  • Tasks can be displayed on calendar view
  • Option to email available times


  • Faster display
  • Toggles for multi-line and alternate row shading
  • Columns can be sorted, moved, added or removed 
  • Reports can be set to open directly as PDF
  • New Exceptions tabs 

Accounts /taxes

  • RMD – Report to show clients who are 70.5 and older and require RMDs
  • Federal tax return summary – more tracking options


  • See who has been added to the group after membership refresh

Check back for more updates!

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